Join up with us! We are always in need of new comrades. There are multiple ways to get involved, depending on your level of availability and commitment. There are both in-person and online ways to support the work!

Come to our events!

We hold biweekly meetings on Wednesdays at 6pm.. We petition in-person Sundays at 3-5pm at the bus stop off of Loyola x Perdido (near Duncan Plaza). We also go canvassing on Saturday afternoons in the Tremé. Finally, come to our actions and demonstrations! We will announce these on our social media pages ahead of time. Head on over to our 'Events' page to see any upcoming events!

Sign our petition!

Sign our petition to demand a Community Police Accountability Council (CPAC) in New Orleans! Your signature is a definite endorsement of our cause and a direct form of support. Posting our signature to social media and, If you feel called, gathering the signatures of your family members, neighbors, and direct community members helps more than you could know and only takes a few minutes.

Donate funds!

As much as we wish it were, freedom ain't free. The costs of printing flyers and petitions, paying for art supplies, making banners, replacing broken plastic chairs, buying packs of water, and driving around quickly add up. The funds you donate will go to minimizing the amount of money coming straight from our members' pockets and maintaining the longevity of our work. Any donations can be sent to $thefirstbrick on CashApp and will be kept in a singular location.

Follow us on social media!

Stay in the loop! Follow us on Instagram at @n.o.cop and Facebook at NOCOP.